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"If you haven't heard Geoff Symon's class on forensics and crime scene investigation, hurry. Fascinating, weirdly fun and totally accessible. A must for crime and suspense writers."

Kristan Higgins

(New York Times bestselling author)

"Shout out to Geoff Symon, whose forensic advice is helping to make my current work in progress bloody believable."

Christopher Rice

(New York Times bestselling author)

"When I have to write forensics scenes in my stories, my go-to source to get all the details right is Geoff Symon. His first-hand experience, as well as his ability to explain the world of crime scene investigations, have been invaluable resources. It's been a mystery to me why Geoff hasn't been writing his own stories. Now, thankfully, he is."   

Ron Marz

(Green Lantern, Witchblade, Adventures of Superman)

“Only Geoff Symon could make blood spatter so damned charming!”

Amy Lane

(Fish out of Water, Keeping Promise Rock)

“I think I just figured out how to fix my wounded, sorry, mush of a manuscript. Thanks Geoff Symon!”

Dev Bentham 

(Whistle Blower, August Ice)

Forensics Reference series

Forensics for Fiction is the reference series with the author in mind. Geoff Symon draws from his 20 years’ experience and expertise as a federal investigator to cover real-world procedures and practices of crime and its investigation for writers of all genres. Each book tackles a different forensic topic: Evidence, Toxicology, Weapons & Wounds, Arson, and more.

Each title in this series will be a layman-friendly introduction to specific subjects, giving authors an understanding of actual methodologies, jargon, and statistics. The text will be augmented with charts and illustrations to help readers navigate the material. The goal is to give the author the balance between realism and accessibility to bring their crimes to life.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on how you can own the must-have reference to forensic science!

Forensics for Fiction: making your crime pay

Autopsies now available!

Autopsies (Forensics for Fiction) by Geoff Symon

Want to add an autopsy that won’t kill your story? Death swings its scythe in every genre, from family funerals to crime scenes to creatures that won’t stay buried. This user-friendly, illustrated reference digs into all things posthumous and postmortem.

Presented as a research manual for the experienced writer, this “Forensics for Fiction” title offers practical approaches and realistic details by covering:

  • Terms and techniques used during autopsy procedures
  •  Different postmortem professionals and their specialties
  • The stages of decomposition in different environments
  • Methods used to estimate the time of death
  • Case studies in which autopsies cracked the crime
  • Examples of how to use autopsies in any popular genre

Whether you’re writing about dissection or resurrection, this guidebook covers it all from cadaver to slab as an easy-to-understand resource for dead-on storytelling.

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"Written with the perfect blend of information, sensitivity, and humor, Geoff Symon’s “Autopsies” is a must-have research tool for any writer or anyone who simply wants the real story on what happens in the morgue.  Real-life examples, illustrations, and do’s/don'ts make this the most accessible, approachable research text I’ve encountered in my twenty years of writing crime fiction."  Karen Rose, New York Times, USA TODAY, London's Sunday Times, Germany's der Spiegel, and Irish Times bestselling author

"Whether it’s crime scenes, sensational cases, or the ins and outs of autopsies — Geoff Symon is my go to guy. He makes learning about forensics both fascinating and fun. Everything he writes is an autobuy for me." Dee Davis, award winning, bestselling author


Crime Scenes

Crime Scenes (Forensics for Fiction) by Geoff Symon

Want to create believable crime scenes and establish the facts that crack your case? Too many authors cut corners or ignore procedure when finding the evidence in their stories. This guide offers an accurate and accessible overview of crime scenes and the investigative process.

Written as a practical reference for authors in any genre, this helpful “Forensics for Fiction” title unpacks a range of authentic details:

  • Terms and techniques associated with crime scenes.
  • Methods used to search and document types of scene.
  • The various on-scene professionals and their duties.
  • Case studies in which crime scenes decide the outcome.
  • Laws and jurisdictions that regulate investigations.
  • Ways to incorporate crime scenes in any popular genre.

Whether you’re writing CSIs or private eyes, this illustrated guidebook offers a comprehensive, user-friendly reference to cracking the scene of your crime.

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Blood Spatter

Blood Spatter (Forensics for Fiction) by Geoff Symon

Want to add blood to your scenes without making a mess? Too many authors get squeamish or sloppy about including the red stuff in their stories. As a research guide, Blood Spatter presents an accurate and accessible gateway into the world of blood spatter and its analysis.

Written as a resource for the professional author, this “Forensics for Fiction” title provides user-friendly approaches to realistic details by covering:

  • Terms and techniques of spatter analysis
  • Patterns associated with different weapons
  • Physical properties and characteristics of blood
  • Proven crime reconstruction procedures
  • Case studies in which spatter solved the crime
  • Examples of ways any popular genre can include blood

Whether you’re writing about a drip or a bloodbath, this illustrated guidebook offers a one-stop, easy-to-understand reference for writing a bloody good story.

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"Writers, you must buy Geoff Symon's nonfiction book Blood Spatter! Deliciously gory and ghoulishly fun to read."  Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author

"Blood Spatter (Forensics for Fiction) should be front and center in every suspense writer's resource library. Run, don't walk. You need this book!" Kimberly Kincaid, USA Today bestselling author

Coming Soon:

  • Arson