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"If you haven't heard Geoff Symon's class on forensics and crime scene investigation, hurry. Fascinating, weirdly fun and totally accessible. A must for crime and suspense writers."

Kristan Higgins

(New York Times bestselling author)

"Shout out to Geoff Symon, whose forensic advice is helping to make my current work in progress bloody believable."

Christopher Rice

(New York Times bestselling author)

"When I have to write forensics scenes in my stories, my go-to source to get all the details right is Geoff Symon. His first-hand experience, as well as his ability to explain the world of crime scene investigations, have been invaluable resources. It's been a mystery to me why Geoff hasn't been writing his own stories. Now, thankfully, he is."   

Ron Marz

(Green Lantern, Witchblade, Adventures of Superman)

“Only Geoff Symon could make blood spatter so damned charming!”

Amy Lane

(Fish out of Water, Keeping Promise Rock)

“I think I just figured out how to fix my wounded, sorry, mush of a manuscript. Thanks Geoff Symon!”

Dev Bentham 

(Whistle Blower, August Ice)

Forensics for Genre Authors

For more than 20 years as a federal law enforcement special agent, Geoff Symon has been using his expertise and experience to put away the bad guys. Now he's begun lecturing and consulting with authors in genre fiction communities to help bring verisimilitude and meaningful detail to the depiction of crime and investigation.

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Author-focused Criminal Investigations

The Law and Order series attracted millions of viewers because they got the forensics right. The writers consulted with actual forensics experts that kept the stories accurate to actual forensic techniques, without sacrificing drama for rigid authenticity; for every author knows entertainment must always be entertaining.  Writing forensics in romance, mystery, or horror genres takes a careful blend of accuracy and elision. How can authors be believably realistic without being shackled by tedious realism?  Geoff strikes that balance. His experience working with popular writers helps him cut to the essential elements that will give your work the punch and detail to make it stand out from the crowd.

As a working writer, you don't need to learn how to process a crime scene, but you do need to have the most powerful, persuasive facts at your fingertips. All too often authors draw on borrowed buzzwords or quick Google searches to pin on their literary law enforcement badge and call their story a closed case.  Audiences are much more forensics savvy than just a few years ago and a quick burst of empty forensic vocabulary is no longer enough to satisfy them. Geoff helps his authors flesh out the forensic details of their fictional crimes enough to marry the drama with the realism and hook the skeptical reader.